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May 16, 2022

The UEA Team led by Prof. Dave Monk present at Institut d’Estudis Catalans

Date: May 16th 2022

The UEA team participated in the Barcelona Chromatin club on Friday 13th May at Institut d’Estudis Catalans. Claudia Buhigas gave a selected short talk on scM&T-seq and Louise Chappell-Maor presented poster on the improved scEM-T-seq protocol.

Claudia Buhigas gave her talk on Session IV chaired by Roni Wright on “Single-cell multi-omic analysis reveals defective genome activation and epigenetic reprogramming associated with human pre-implantation embryo arrest”.

Louise Chappell-Maor poster titled “The non-bisulphite conversion-based method, scEM-T-seq for dual single-cell methylome and transcriptome profiling” was showcase to the attendees.

Link to the event: