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June 10, 2022

Prof. Monk and his lab presenting the HUTER project

Date: June 10th 2022

Prof. Dave Monk and his team, Louise Maor, and Claudia Buhigas presented the HUTER outcomes at the Wellcome Connecting Science Single Cell Biology meeting at the Wellcome Genome Campus, a meeting co-organised by Roser Vento and colleagues. Louise presented a poster on the newly developed scEM&T-seq method and delivered a lightening talk on her work.

The event was hold from the 6th to 8th of June. It its fourth edition the Single Cell Biology conference provided is a forum for biologists, methods developers and computational modellers interested in understanding biology at single cell resolution.

The cell represents one of the fundamental units of biology, yet only recently has it become possible to carry out comprehensive molecular profiling at single cell resolution. Coupled with appropriate functional experiments, this technological revolution heralds a new era of biology and is generating major advances in our understanding of normal tissue development and homeostasis, immunity and infection as well as tissue pathologies including cancer.

This year’s meeting discussed how imaging, single cell genomics and computational approaches are advancing our understanding of cell dynamics, evolution, cell identity and morphology. It also focused on how cells are influenced by their microenvironment and the mechanisms of molecular memory. Understanding these processes is crucial to advance knowledge of immunology, neurobiology, development and disease.

The organisers provided attendance onsite and virtual.

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