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HUTER outcomes presented at the HCA 2022 General Meeting

The European project HUTER, led by INCLIVA, presents its conclusions as part to create the cellular map of the human uterus Date: June 30th 2022. Prof Carlos Simón, HUTER Project Coordinator, presented the final outcomes from the project during the plenary session of the third day of the Human Cell Atlas 2022 General Meeting held in Vienna, Austria, from 27th -29th June in a hybrid format. Prof. Carlos Simón presented the final outcomes of the project at the Plenary Session 6- Results of the EU Horizon 2020 Pilot Projects.

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End of HUTER project

• Project results will contribute to the international Human Cell Atlas initiative to redefine human anatomy at the single cell level and provide unprecedented insight into this important organ • 59 samples have been analyzed, generating an important database that will favor future studies and increase knowledge of the uterus and its clinical translation in reproductive medicine, obstetrics, gynecology and regenerative medicine Valencia, June 29th 2022. The INCLIVA Health Research Institute, of the Clinical Hospital of Valencia, has hosted the final meeting of the European project HUTER (Human Uterus Cell Atlas), funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program with the aim of creating the map cell from the human uterus and in which entities from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia and Spain participate.

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